Compañía Antonio Gades: Carmen

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October 2021

Program and cast

Carmen: Esmeralda Manzanas
Don José:Álvaro Madrid
Toreador: Jairo Rodríguez
Husband: Miguel Ángel Rojas

    Cristina Carnero
    María José López
    María Nadal
    Virginia Guiñales
    Raquel Soblechero
    Ana del Rey
    Ana Pardo
    Miguel Lara
    Antonio Ortega
    Pepe Vento
    Santiago Herranz
    Ángel Navarro

    Alfredo Tejada
    Enrique "Piculabe” Bermúdez
    Juan "Juañares” Carrasco

    Antonio Solera, Basilio García

Dramaturgy: Antonio Gades, Carlos Saura (based on Prosper Mérimée's novella)
Production design: Carlos Saura
Set: Antonio Saura
Costume s: Carmen Sánchez
Sound:Alberto Palanques
Lighting, choreographer, director: Antonio Gades, Carlos Saura

Müpa Budapest

When Müpa Budapest, Hungary and its capital's new cultural hub, opened in 2005, it was built to represent more than 100 years of Hungarian cultural history. As a conglomeration of cultural venues, the building has no precedent in 20th century Hungarian architecture and has no peers in the whole of Central Europe.

The creators of this ambitious project, the Trigránit Development Corporation, prime contractor Arcadom Construction and the Zoboki, Demeter and Partners Architectural Office, were driven by the desire to create a new European cultural citadel as part of the new Millennium City Centre complex along the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Danube waterfront. The result is a facility whose construction quality, appearance, functionality and 21st century technological infrastructure makes it ideally suited to productions of the highest standard. The building is also highly versatile and equipped to host performances of any genre and almost any scale.

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