Budapest Dinner Cruise with Folklore and Operetta Show

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Folklore and Operetta Show

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Here is again a short summary from the menu we offer on board. This one includes a wide range of different styles of dishes to fulfill all the requests even if they are vegetarian, or they prefer traditional Hungarian food.

During this 3-hour Budapest dinner cruise, our guests are having the opportunity to adore the attractions of the illuminated Budapest, which is shining every evening in golden lights. Upon arrival, our guests are greeted by our hostesses and served, such as sparkling wine or other soft drinks as a non-alcoholic beverage.

This menu includes a starter as the first course, then a hot soup, that is followed by the main dish. This menu has been created thoughtfully to be able to fulfill any type of needs and wishes. Namely, you will find the perfect dish for you, whether you want to try the Hungarian cuisine or prefer international, classic tastes or meatless, vegetarian meal. Of course, do not be afraid, if you have any type of food intolerance, since our menu includes lactose and gluten-free dishes as well.

As a starter, you have the option to chose a light – almost calorie free- salad, if you prefer to eat something light as the first dish, but if you are an adventurer, you will prefer the tasty, small pastry baskets (Burcheé) with the interesting fillings.

It is the same with the soup, you can continue with a vegetarian potato cream soup, that includes carrot chips and has a smooth taste or you try the Hungarian goulash soup with a little traditional taste.

The soup is followed by the main course, which offers six different types to choose from and includes very exciting flavors. Choose wisely, as you have to like your main course but deffinitely want to try your neighbor’s interesting dish as well. Vegetarian people have the opportunity to pick one of the salads, in turns, meat lovers can try the traditional duck a la Hungary, or the „pörkölt” not even to mention the delicious fish. Prepare yourself, it will be hard to choose.

And finally, the best part of the dinner – at least, if you are a sweet-tooth type- is the Flan cake with the fruit sauce, which will dulcify the rest of the evening for sure.

Drink package

Our Danube cruise has a classic bar with all kind of drinks, to make our guest feel comfortable, in case you select a drink from the drink menu, you pay only for the drink you consume, this it can be wine, beer, shots and cocktails as well, everything you find on our menu.

In case you are a beer type or you prefer to drink the same wine with a soft drink for example, than our drink package is a perfect choice for you. This offer includes unlimited consumption from the following beverages:

Let us start with the alcoholic drinks:

our drink package includes different types of selected wines from the Hungarian wine regions, even if you prefer white-, rose- or red wine, you will find the proper wine for yourself.

or do you prefer the sparkling type of wine? No problem, we can fulfill your wishes, whether you prefer sweet or dry sparkling wine.

Absolutely no problem, if you belong to the group of the beer-type people, as our team will serve you unlimited beer during the whole dinner.

Our drink package includes non-alcoholic beverages as well:

You will find different types of soft drinks just like fizzy drinks, fruit juices or simple and sparkling mineral water

but do not worry, if you prefer hot tea the whole evening or want to have your cafe right after dinner, the package includes them as well

Program and cast

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